Our Story

Cleveland House Painting Company

Why should you choose us? We are a small local company that does things differently than most painters in Cleveland Ohio. For starters we use employees rather than subcontractors this means you are covered by our insurance if anything goes wrong or someone is injured on the job. All employees working inside a home must have a criminal-free background before being employed. We are tradesmen and always follow the proper steps required for a lasting paint project. If you choose us you will be satisfied with the finished project.

Hello, I am Joseph Strbik owner of The Picky Painters in Cleveland Ohio. Before I started The Picky Painters I worked in the painting industry for 25 years. I started when I was 18 years old, I worked for various companies for the first few years then one residential new construction company for about 10 years. I enjoyed painting projects since there was such a transformation with all projects. I tried to pay attention to the small details of the job. I had pride in my work and wanted it to look good and last once it was complete.

We Strive To Exceed The Expectations Of Every Customer

For The House Painting Service We Provide

At The Picky Painters, we strive to exceed the expectations of every customer for the house painting service we provide.  You will notice the difference immediately from other residential painting contractors when you choose us to paint your home.  Hiring a high-quality house painting company is an important decision and we’ll provide you with outstanding interior painting service.  We always make sure our customers are happy before we leave the job and any touch ups are completed.  Make sure you get the job done right the first time from a trusted residential painting contractor.

The company I worked for had 20-30 workers of 3-5 man crews. I learned a lot about painting, people, and what a small company can grow to be.  This was probably the first time I had thought of owning my own business.  After many ups and downs in the painting industry and being out of it for a few years.  I came back to the industry in 2015, It took a couple of years to get all the tools and a cargo van together.  Now I was set up to complete projects, I was ready and finally started my company The Picky Painters in Cleveland and I did in February of 2016.  I was a 24/7 single parent of two children so I couldn’t work late hours at projects but I had some help. We quickly grew from a one-man show and started to stay busy and had to get help, up to 4-5 workers at times. We had ups and downs with workers, systems, scheduling, completing projects, and many other issues.  It has been challenging but we have worked through a lot of issues and now have a couple of good employees.

We Strive to Make Every Customer Happy

At The Picky Painters we strive to make every customer happy.  We want to be looked at as the best house painting company in the Greater Cleveland area.  We can only do that if all of our customers tell their family and friends about our outstanding house painting services.  That can only happen by giving every customer a high quality experience.  Service and quality are the two most important things to us.  We want to be known as one of the best residential painting contractors in Cleveland Ohio.

Quality can be the hardest thing to control so we put in place weekly production and monthly quality bonuses for employees after 30 days. We have good systems and technology in place to help the jobs run smoother, and stay on top on any issues that may come up.  We are always working to produce the best painting experience we can provide. We have become a specialist and know for kitchen cabinet refinishing & Painting cabinets, but we still do most interior and exterior residential painting projects. We leave a lot of contractors behind because of our communication and craftsmanship.  We are trying to up the standards in the industry beyond what most people think of in a painting company.