Exterior House Pricing

Aluminum Siding Homes

Aluminum siding homes require a good cleaner and pressure washing to remove oxidization from the original finish. If this isn’t removed the products will not get a good bond and the paint will be peeling in a few years even getting water behind the paint and ballooning up with water. Temperature is also a major concern if the temperature is going to drop below 50 degrees with 24 hours of painting aluminum siding you can have issues. Aluminum cools down very fast and this is what can cause issues if this occurs before the paint film fully sets up.

Aluminum Siding Homes

$2500 -$5000

Depending on size and style

Vinyl Siding Home

Vinyl siding home cannot be painted with any color because certain tints added to paint can cause the plastic to get to hot and warp/melt the plastic.

Vinyl Siding Homes


Depending on size and style

Wood Homes

Wood homes are normally the most costly to paint especially when they are let go and start peeling and flaking off the existing paint. There loose and peeling paint must be removed and then spot primed before top coating with your finish paint. You also need to caulk vertical wood to wood surfaces and horizontal around door and window frames. This keeps the water from getting behind the wood and causing more problems later on. Lap siding, however, is overlapped so water doesn’t get under the edge and behind the siding. It is important to not caulk these areas because the house cannot breathe or let moisture/air out. This will cause the paint to bubble up within a few years if all the lap siding is caulked.

Wood Homes


Depending on size and style

There Are Many Factors To Pricing Exterior Projects

Prep and colors being the main factors, if there is a lot of scrapping, priming, and multiple colors it increases the pricing.

Because there are so many variables on the exterior surface an on-site estimate is the only way to accurately produce a cost estimate. However, please find the following pricing guidelines to help approximate the cost of your project:

Smooth Surface Siding

$145.00per 100 Sq Ft

2 coats

Non-Painted Brick Surface

$215.00per 100 Sq Ft

1 primer coat & 2 finish coats

Rough Cedar Siding

$180.00per 100 Sq Ft

2 coats

Exterior Door


1 side 2 coats

Overhang Boxing

$5.50Per Linear Ft

2 coats (Fascia, Soffit, Gutters)

Window Frame


2 coats

Miscellaneous Trim

$5.50x Linear Ft

2 coats

Single Garage Door


2 coats

Double Garage Door


2 coats

Surface Preparation

$50.00per hour

The pricing lists serves as a guide only and not an offer. While the prices are accurate other conditions may affect the overall price such a the current finish already failing/peeling.