The Picky Painters offer professional wallpaper removal services in Cleveland and the surrounding area. If you’ve purchased an older home or have a home that needs updating, you may want to swap out old wallpaper for a fresh coat of Paint.

Removing wallpaper yourself can be a daunting job. Done incorrectly, it can damage the walls underneath. Some old wallpaper can have mold and fungus behind it, which requires safe practices while taking it down. Vinyl wallpaper hung in the 1990s or before may have asbestos. If you’re dealing with old wallpaper, professional wallpaper removal can help protect your health.

Our Wallpaper Removal Capabilities

Cleveland wallpaper removal services from The Picky Painters include wallpaper removal for every room of your home:

  • Kitchens: Kitchen wallpaper can have mold or water damage underneath. It may also be difficult to remove if it is vinyl or another “moisture resistant” material from the past. The team at The Picky Painters has extensive experience removing older wallpaper and even with drywall surface repairs to get your kitchen ready for a beautiful new color. 
  • Bathrooms: Like kitchens, bathrooms have high levels of moisture, which can cause wallpaper to bubble and warp, sometimes causing water damage to the wall underneath. The Picky Painters can safely remove any wallpaper from your bathroom and even complete drywall surface repairs before applying primer and a new coat of paint.
  • Bedrooms: You can look at beautifully painted walls when you wake up every morning when you hire The Picky Painters for our professional wallpaper removal services in Cleveland. We’ll transform your bedroom with paint of your choice.
  • Living rooms: Old wallpaper can date your living room. Our wallpaper removal can help you enjoy a new surface you can paint with a modern color.
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Why We're the Right Wallpaper Removal Company

While The Picky Painters strives to hire an experienced team, our first priority is to hire respectful individuals so the only people who come into your home are trusted professionals. Our clients know us for the thorough, careful attention we pay to every step, from preparation to the final coat.

Where Can I Find Trusted Wallpaper Removal Services Near Me?

You can find the most respected wallpaper removal services in Cleveland when you discover The Picky Painters. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners enjoy beautifully painted new walls by removing dingy and outdated wallpaper.

If you’re ready for a new paint scheme, request a free estimate or contact us with any questions.