If you’re searching for interior painters near me in Cleveland, call The Picky Painters. We go the extra mile to protect your home. As a result, your home will stay clean, allowing you to enjoy a beautifully updated home worry-free.

Our Interior House Painting Services

When you hire The Picky Painters as your Cleveland interior painters near me, we can handle the following:

  • Fixing Holes in Walls:  The Picky Painters can improve your walls for a professional paint job, making them look smooth.
  • Priming:  Our team always prepares the interior surface and uses the best products for professional, lasting results.
  • Walls and Ceilings:  Getting pros to paint your place makes it look excellent and last long. Fresh paint on walls and ceilings can change how big a room feels.
  • Interior Wood:  The woodwork in each room acts like a frame, shaping the space. Painting it the right color can add style by creating a contrast. Before we paint, we’ll cover nearby areas to keep the lines straight and prevent a mess.
  • Wallpaper Removal:  In many homes, wallpaper is in one or more rooms. If you want to switch to fresh paint, we can remove the old wallpaper and create smooth walls before painting.
  • Stained Wood to Painted Wood:  If you have old, stained wood in your home, we can help. Because we use four coats to make it last forever.

Are We the Right Interior Painters Near Me or You

Trust The Picky Painters for Home Makeover:

– Over 25 years of experience
– Expert painters with the best equipment
– Specialize in interior painting in Cleveland

Thorough Preparation:

– Smooth and prime every surface for lasting results
– Avoid Do It Yourself mistakes

Warranty Offerings:

– Five-year warranty on kitchen cabinets and exterior painting
– Two-year warranty on interior Painting

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You spend a lot of time inside your home, so you should have a beautiful interior space that will bring you joy. If you’re looking for Interior Painting in Cleveland because your home needs a new color, contact The Picky Painters near me for a free estimate.