Painting and refinishing your kitchen cabinets is an ideal way to transform and modernize your space. Cabinet refinishing is a quick process that uses existing materials, making it an environmentally friendly upgrade for your home.

With over 25 years of painting experience, our experts at The Picky Painters have consistently helped homeowners create the perfect look for their kitchen. We also serve Avon Lake, Lakewood, North Royalton, Westlake, Brunswick, Strongsville and other surrounding areas. Our team performs industry-leading professional cabinet refinishing and painting services that meet your needs and budget. 

Why Choose The Picky Painters to Refinish Your Cabinets?

The Picky Painters employs a team of trained, fully insured and background-checked professionals. We offer a five-year warranty for cabinet refinishing services in Cleveland and per-piece pricing for cabinet painting projects. Details that can affect prices include decorative trim work, crown molding, oak wood, open shelves, islands, glass doors and other variables.

We make sure customers and their homes receive the best treatment at all times with a comprehensive setup process and top-of-the-line equipment. Our team uses a Cabinet Refinishing Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) Certified coating that creates a factory finish on your cabinetry. We use the following equipment to ensure our customers and their homes are safe:

  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) 1000 Air Scrubber
  • Movable dry racks
  • Plastic coverings
Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Avon, Ohio

Advantages of Our Kitchen Cabinet Coatings

The Picky Painters’ team of cabinet painters and refinishers only uses KMCA Certified kitchen cabinet coatings. Testing proves that these formulas have resistance to staining and hot and cold temperatures.

We also use 2K Polyurethane, a water-based product imported from Italy and widely known for its durability. We can clean up without solvents because we use 2K Poly, a high-performance 2k poly-compliant coating that makes our processes environmentally friendly. Other benefits of using polyurethane paint include:

  • Extreme durability: Polyurethane forms an enduring, hard surface when cured, which protects against scratches, stains and mechanical abrasion.  
  • Water and chemical resistance: Polyurethane acts as a waterproof barrier that prevents corrosion of the substrate. 
  • Ultraviolet (UV) stability and weather resistance: Polyurethane has thermal stability across a range of temperatures, is stable when exposed to UV radiation and can stand up to harsh environments. 
  • Easy to apply and quick-drying properties: Polyurethane paint is fast-curing and encourages less downtime.
  • Attractive finish: Polyurethane coatings provide a flawless finish that resists color fade, whether matt, semi-gloss or high gloss. 

Our Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Process

Our kitchen cabinet painters in Cleveland achieve the look you want at a price that suits your budget by following a series of practiced steps. These include:


Our preparation process involves:

  • Covering all floors, walkways and countertops with a waterproof barrier.
  • Transporting all equipment to your kitchen over covered walkways.
  • Taking off all doors and cleaning them with our three-step process.
  • Using the three-step method to clean all cabinet boxes — we only need 3 or 4 inches inside. 
  • Covering appliances, ceilings, walls and anything else we are not painting. 
  • Using plastic and zip walls to make a plastic room with ventilation. 
  • Using a HEPA device that can move 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute to filter and extract the dust, paint particles and fumes.
  • Positioning a door stand and movable dry racks that we will use right next to the air scrubber to get all fumes and paint vented outside with our 12-inch tubes. 
  • Brush fill the grain to close it on wooden cabinets that need this extra attention.

Coating and Priming Process

The coating and priming process begins with spraying two coats of shellac primer. Our cabinet painters and refinishing professionals always complete two full coats in one day. We use shellac primer because of its ability to clean up with ammonia instead of solvents. Shellac primer is extremely durable, offers supior stain blocking and drys very fast. When working with oak cabinets, we minimize 95% of holes in the finish, not the texture, by taking an extra step to seal the grain.

Our next steps include:

  • Filling any minor nicks and nail holes before sanding the primer. 
  • Applying two topcoats of finished paint — this step is usually complete in one day. 
  • Taking down all masking and cleaning up the job site to prepare for installments the following day. 


To start the cleanup process, we will tear down all plastic coverings and reinstall the hardware and doors we removed on the first day. Our team will ensure the floor and other surfaces are clean when we leave.   

If you purchased new handles or knobs to go on your cabinets, we will install them for free. Fees may apply in the event you choose a new size. If the installation period has passed and they have not arrived, there will be an extra charge to have them installed another day. 

Why Invest in Cleveland Cabinet Refinishing Services for Your Home?

Cabinet painting and refinishing is an excellent way to give your kitchen a completely fresh look, hassle-free. The Picky Painters can complete most cabinet refinishing and painting projects within four to five days, depending on the openness of the grain and the size and scope of the project. 

Convenient, fast and inexpensive compared to other kitchen remodeling projects, professional cabinet refinishing can:

  • Modernize your home: Painting your cabinets will provide an entirely new look without the hassle of a renovation. 
  • Provide a high return on investment (ROI): Compared to more invasive remodeling work, kitchen upgrades such as cabinet painting and refinishing provide a higher return on investment. ROI is essential if you want to maximize the house’s value and minimize your investment before selling the property. Painting your cabinets can improve selling price and marketability. 
  • Personalize your kitchen: Painted cabinets allow for a high level of personalization and can fit within any home decor. 
  • Act as a stand-alone project: You can refinish or paint cabinetry without performing other renovations. This independence from significant, expensive projects allows contractors to complete work quickly and keeps costs down. 

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