These prices are for experienced kitchen cabinet painters that respect you, your property, and your belongings. They go over the project with you once it is completed to ensure there are no areas of concern. Cabinet painting projects are priced mostly per piece by counting the door and drawer faces. Other factors may increase the price, but most are included. Some items that can make the price vary from glass doors, islands, open shelves, oak wood, crown molding, decorative trim work, and other variables. $145-200 per piece is where most projects range, and the average-sized kitchen usually is around 3,500-5,500. It is typically about 20-50% of the cost of refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets, not to mention how much time and headaches you will save refinishing.

Cabinet Refinishing


Thank you for your interest in The Picky Painters for your cabinet refinishing project. We want you to know we strive to make every customer happy and satisfied. We have many customers who refer us and call us back for other projects. We prefer to do an on-site estimate so you can see a sample of a finished door in person. Then you get a chance to see and feel the finish as it is like furniture, not a painted surface. The cabinet painting product we use is what makes it Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, not just Cabinet Painting! We want you to have an idea of the pricing before we show up. We use the best products, processes, and fully insured background-checked employees. Our cabinet painting system will give you the best possible outcome for your kitchen project. You want a good and lasting result as the kitchen is usually the most expensive room in your home.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing projects are priced mostly by counting the door and drawer faces. Another main factor is if they are oak kitchen cabinets, they require an extra step to seal the grain and are at the higher end of pricing. The average mid-sized kitchen usually is 3,500-5,500.

We are using a KCMA Certified kitchen cabinet coating imported from Italy. Our product gets tested in a multitude of different ways against hot, cold, and wet conditions. They test the kitchen cabinet coating by putting common kitchen substances on it to see if it can prevent staining. It is also a fully cured cabinet coating in just 24 hours. Most other products you can buy at the store take 30 days before they fully cure. We do only full on-site cabinet Refinishing verse Cabinet Painting because our process offers a superior finish and faster completion times. It is more labor-intensive since we cover all surfaces and complete all steps right in your kitchen. We use a HEPA 1000 Air scrubber (negative air machine) to vent particles and fumes while working on your kitchen cabinet painting project. Our equipment will keep the project and your home clean and as dust-free as possible. You can see what our kitchen cabinet refinishing project set up looks like using this link