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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Full Spray on-site Cabinet Refinishing (KMCA Certified coating)

We will **cover all walls, ceilings, fixtures, appliances, floors, counters, rooms, cabinet openings, and all surfaces not being painted**.  We use zip walls and plastic to make a plastic room with ventilation. While using a **HEPA 1000 air scrubber** to filter and extract the dust and paint particles.  We have movable dry racks and a door stand that will be used right next to the air scrubber to get all paint and fumes vented outside with our 12-inch tubes.

If we need to brush fill the grain to close it we will this project should take 4-5 days depending on the openness of the grain.  **This onsite process will take 4-5 days** depending on the size of the project.  We will take over your kitchen mostly for this time period.

The Product

The main difference between refinishing or painting cabinets is the quality of the coating. We use only KMCA certified kitchen cabinet coatings. These coatings have been tested against durability against staining, hot and cold temperatures. We use a 2K Poly with hardener that’s imported from Italy. Most painters don’t use this product because of its high cost and limited availability. Most suppliers do not like to carry it because of its 12-month shelf life. We use it because of its amazing durability and that it’s a water-based product. In which this means we do not have to use solvents during clean up. Solvents are very harmful to the environment and most painters don’t dispose of them properly. A lot of cabinet painters like to use lacquer, which is very old technology and is extremely flammable and bad for the environment. It’s also a much lower priced product. Issues can occur while using this product, mainly from the humidity and temperature levels. It’s also a very volatile substance, search google for “house fires from lacquer thinner” the substance required to clean these products and in the paint.

The Preparation

We start off by first protecting your floors with a waterproof Barrier, we also cover all countertops with this material. We also protect the walkway from where we keep our equipment in your home to the work area. So this means we are not walking on your floors from the work area. Once the floors and counters are covered we start bringing in our equipment in, this way we do not damage your floors or counters while working. We then start taking off all the doors and clean them with our 3 step process along with the boxes. We only need 3 or 4 inches inside of the cabinet boxes so you don’t have to remove everything from your kitchen. After cleaning we will start covering the walls, ceilings, appliances, anything we are not painting will be protected. We also put up plastic zip wall poles to hold our plastic walls to contain the entire kitchen where we are spraying our coatings.. We will position our HEPA air scrubber next to our spray rack to catch paint particles and fumes to have them exhaust out of the house. Our HEPA 1000 air scrubber moves 1000 cubic feet per minute, to remove almost all fumes and paint particles. Most customers don’t even smell the products we use.

The Coating Process

Once we have everything covered and protected we will spray two coats of shellac primer. This primer is great for bonding and stain blocking and cleans up with ammonia no solvents. We always do the full two coats in one day. For oak cabinets, we do an extra step to seal the grain to minimize 95% of holes in the finish, not the texture. Oak is very grainy and soaks up the product so we use this extra step to get a smoother finish. Next, we will fill any nail holes and minor nicks before sanding the primer. We don’t put excess layers on with unnecessary buildup to try and smooth the grain. This can cause problems down the road from the floating panels moving and then causing cracks at the seams. We will then do our top 2 coats of finished paint like the primer this is normally all done in one day. Then after that, we will take down all masking, clean up the job site and install the cabinets the following day. Our product dries so fast if we see any defects we can respray anything before the final install.


What makes us different than 80%+ of the Painting Industry? People! We are a small local company that does things differently than most painting companies or painting contractors. For starters we use employees rather than subcontractors this means you are covered by our different levels of insurance if anything goes wrong or someone is injured on the job you are covered 100%. We make sure your home stays clean and is in good condition when we leave. We are part of the real economy as we pay all our taxes at the many different levels of the Federal, State and Local government.. All employees working inside a home must have a criminal free background before being employed. We are tradesmen and always follow the proper steps required for a lasting paint project. If you choose us you will be satisfied with the finished project or we will make it right.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing in Avon, Ohio

We will disassemble and reassemble all hardware & doors but there will be an extra charge if we have new hardware to install especially if there are issues with them fitting properly. We will double clean/scrub and rinse all surfaces, followed by 2 coats of shellac based primer required for good bonding to the surface and block wood tannin bleeding through.  Followed by 2 coats of durable high-quality 2k poly KMCA Certified and tested cabinet coating.  New clear bumpers will be included after doors are hung.

Refinishing of the outside of all cabinets pieces (doors/drawers/faces) includes everything you see when the doors are closed and both sides of all doors. The sides of cabinets where the fridge covers can be included for an extra charge and done by hand when installing the doors. We don’t paint the top of the cabinets but we do paint underneath if there are not too many items in the way. If there is we may cover all bottoms to protect under cabinet mount items. We don’t caulk the cracks in or other areas on the doors (caulk will crack and fail due to use of the doors and swelling of the wood that normally can happen). We can caulk boxes sometimes when there are small gaps, big gaps don’t turn out good and are not normally included unless pointed out and noted when quoting. We do not repair existing damage to the wood on your cabinets unless pointed out when quoting.