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The Picky Painters COVID-19 Policy

The Picky Painters

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Company Policy


Just like you, we are continuing to watch how COVID-19 coronavirus takes shape in our community and country. The health and well being of our employees, customers, and community is always a main priority.

The Picky Painters want to ensure our clients that we are doing what we can to provide our service to you without interruption and to eliminate fears about us being in or around your home. We are applying universal precautions, as outlined by the CDC, to ensure a high level of safety and cleanliness on our painting projects and at our appointments.  We remain open for business with regular hours, but we have implemented measures to keep everyone safe:


1. What We Are Doing Differently: 


  • Daily Temperature checks for employees before a shift starts checked and recorded by the Owner or Project Manager.  If a fever is detected the employee is sent home for a 24-hour minimum.
  • Practicing Social Distancing per CDC recommendations if we have to work in close quarters we will use gloves and respirators to protect our employees from being exposed to anyone else’s personal space. during the project.
  • We are in constant communication with our teams to reinforce our sanitization safety procedures while on the job site, at the supply store, or even lunch breaks. 
  • All of our teams have implemented handwashing or sanitizing procedures to take place multiple times during their workday. 
  • We will greet our customers and company members with a wave from 6 feet away.
  • Teams are instructed to avoid touching their eyes, nose, mouth, or any part of their face. 
  • Before leaving each project for the day, we will take a few mins to wipe high touch surfaces like door nobs, sink fixtures, toilet nobs, light switches that we may have touched.
  • Per customer request, we can use respirators, disposable gloves, and a Negative Air machine to quarantine the area where we are working inside the home.  
  • All Projects now as a standard have soap, paper towels, and/or hand sanitizer for hands and sanitizing wipes and/or cleaning supplies for disinfecting any high touch surfaces on each job site.

2. The Picky Painters employees:


  • Are prohibited from reporting to work with any fever or illness that can be transmitted to others. 
  • Are instructed to stay home if they even feel like they are not feeling well, have a fever, cough, or other respiratory issues. Minimum of 24 hours or CDC recommendations and/or until a doctor can “clear” them for work 
  • Are sent home If they arrive for your project and have a fever, cough, or other respiratory issues.
  • Are eligible for 2 weeks of paid sick leave per The Families First Coronavirus Response Act due to the global pandemic effective till December 2020.
3. For customers who feel unwell: 


  • If you are not feeling well, have a fever, cough, or other respiratory issues, please contact us to reschedule your project for after your symptoms subside. 
  • If we arrive for your project and you exhibit visible symptoms, we will reschedule your project to protect you, our teams, employees, and their families. While precautionary, these efforts and procedures underscore our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees. 



Joseph Strbik

The Picky Painters